Berlin 60 sliding door
Berlin 60 sliding door
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Sliding door · Configuration:

Glass configuration: 4+15A+2

Rails: low flat rails, steel rails

Opening method: two rails and two fans, three rails and three fans (with diamond mesh)

Area: The minimum area of a single fan is 1.4m

Handle brand: specially equipped with custom hardware

Door cover: Vienna 65 door cover line

Door leaf width: 500~ leaf width <1400

Color: Fluorocarbon Deep Sea Blue, Fluorocarbon Diamond Blue, Argon Carbon Antibacterial Spar Black, Skin North American Walnut Grain.

Product advantages and performance:

1. Medium and narrow glossy design, good door shape, beautiful and large

2 Using 4+15A+4 double-layer hollow tempered glass, a variety of glass separation styles are available

3. The door frames are all embedded design: good push-pull and sealing effect

4 kinds of optional configurations, flat or inlaid stainless steel strip 65 flat sleeve: three-track with diamond mesh.