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  (HOLIWU) Hollywood system doors and windows belong to the brand of Guangdong Lion King Home Technology. The team is the most potential system door and window brand product line in China, covering sliding doors, sliding windows, swing doors, casement windows and sunshine rooms and other customized matching series of doors and windows for the whole house.

  Integrating German design aesthetics and craftsmanship spirit, conveying the personalized lifestyle of modern young consumers, guided by market demand, fully integrating fashion charm and cutting-edge technology, creating a full range of styles such as classical, modern, and fashion trends, to ensure high-quality products. Standard high-quality door and window products, shaping the German Seiko brand.

 In the future, Hollywood will continue to rely on its rich product application and service experience to provide more valuable system door and window application solutions for more construction projects, promote the development of the building door and window industry, and make no efforts to build a better living life!